I have been thinking for a while that it would be fun to pass along my current obsessions every so often so this will be the kick-off of my Loving Lately lists. I explained this to Peter and he said, "like Oprah's Favorite Things?" And I said yes, but I currently can't give you all a free car yet. Bummer. Hopefully some helpful product recommendations will suffice!

Favorite #1 : Hilary's Veggie Burgers

Ok. So I've been in love with these since the fall, but they are SO good that I have to share. You can find them at Whole Foods or probably any health food store in the frozen section. They are made from whole grains (like, actual whole grains. Not the ones Cheerios claims they use...), vegetables, spices, and coconut oil. That's pretty much it! Simple, delicious, good for you, and a few great flavors to choose from. They are my go-to lunch. I heat one in the oven, throw it on a toasted brown rice wrap with avocado, arugula, dijon, and balsamic glaze. Easy and so good.

Favorite #2 : Hope Hummus<