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Leslie opened my eyes to wellness in a whole new way. She helped empower me on a path to healing that I didn't believe was possible, encouraging me through each step. I am forever in debt to her for helping me heal my gut and feel the best I have in my entire life! -- Carly




Leslie is helping me repair and rebuild my lifetime love-hate relationship with food.  She empowers me with the knowledge and tools I need to make a positive, sustainable change. Most importantly, she has helped me realized I owe myself this change.  I deserve and am worthy of a happier, healthier, life! After the first few weeks after starting the program, I started thinking differently, eating differently, and feeling differently.  Leslie is truly passionate about what she does.  I cannot thank her enough for leading and coaching me on this amazing healing journey. -- Amy




Leslie cares immensely about you feeling good in your body and having a peaceful, nourishing relationship with food. I love that she isn't dogmatic but is really open to whatever it takes to live vibrantly. I'd recommend her to anyone who's struggling to love their body and shed both physical and emotional weight. -- Rande





Leslie's true passion and dedication to nutrition, yoga, and her clients' overall wellbeing is unmatched.  Her beauty and balance, both on the inside and out, shine through in all she does. She is a constant source of knowledge, understanding, and support for me, and I am so fortunate to have found her! Let her get to know you and allow her positive spirit help guide you on your journey toward being your best self. -- Laura 





Leslie is so lovely to work with. I cannot recommend her enough. Leslie takes into account the realities in your life and helps craft a plan that is both healthy AND realistic. Having struggled with repeated bouts of illness, I feel particularly grateful to Leslie for her guidance through some challenging times. -- Emily




I went to Leslie at a difficult time in my life when I was facing terminal illness of both my sister and father. Every time I left a session with her I felt in deep meditative state. Through meditation she taught me techniques to use in my life to deal with difficulties no matter how minor or major. She creates a safe environment and she helped me work through it especially with her passive range of motion stretching. Her private lessons are far superior to group lessons because she focuses on individual needs through connecting the mind, emotion, spirit and body. One on one she is a great life coach.

-- Linda




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