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As a major plant-addict, I am very excited that spring is here. I'm finalizing garden plans, potting up sweet peas, and continuing my steady effort to turn my house into a registered rainforest. (My husband is less thrilled about that last bit...) Something that I played with a lot this winter was how to create a space that makes me less susceptible to seasonal depression in the constant rain and gray skies here in Seattle. As a beach-loving Florida girl then transplanted in beautiful, sunny Colorado, the transition to the Pacific Northwest has definitely required some finesse. As I began nesting in our new place last November, my collection of plants began to

increase and I finally had a realization. My plant-obsession is how I bring nature indoors to help me feel more connected and less caged. I subconsciously began curating a space that created the feelings I was lacking. My second realization was that this act of curating a beautiful space isn't just helpful for combatting seasonal depression, but increasing our joy. Our home should be our sanctuary, and should be representative of what we want to create in our lives. I'm sure chaos, dust bunnies, and piles of old magazines isn't what you're thinking... So, some tips to get started!

  • Declutter . . . the best thing I ever did for my space was read Marie Kondo's The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. She presents a system for how to properly declutter your home and I learned that getting rid of things I don't need feels AMAZING and slightly addictive... Peter had to keep a close eye on me for a few weeks after I finished the book. My space felt open, fresh, and happy, and I did not want to fill it back up. Get rid of the crap!

  • Plant - life . . . I am obviously a firm believer that plants and fresh flowers completely transform a space. If you wouldn't quite describe yourself as having a green thumb, start with cut flowers (I love Trader Joe's selection for an affordable option) and succulents! Depending on the size, succulents only need 1 tbsp of water every other week or so. I even have some that I barely ever water and they're still kicking! If you lose one don't worry, just pick out a new one. Typically these guys next to the arrow are indestructible, but also try Jade plants, Aloe Vera, Echeveria, and Zebra Plant Succulents.

  • Change things up . . . rearranging furniture and decor helps to create a fresh feel and is super easy to do. Also, find things that you can change out that aren't too expensive, like curtains, throw pillows, and table top decor. This way you can play with changing up your accent colors and adjust your room according to your mood and the season.

  • Increase the Vibe . . . I love using candles, but my best feng shui magic is the music I have going when I'm home. I set my Spotify (or Pandora) radio to The Girl from Ipanema by Stan Getz and it gives me the most relaxing but uplifting playlist that really sets my scene. It turns my home into a Brazilian beach retreat and always improves my mood.

  • Keep it clean . . . Do I want to do dishes before I go to bed? Definitely not. But I know that if I wake up to a clean kitchen, it will change the course of my entire day. For real.

That's it! Take care of your space so it can take care of you. I find that when I focus on these things, it is way easier to keep up with my healthy routine, and I feel more energized, more productive, and much happier.

. . Inspiration . .

{ Beautiful photo by @diyshelley }

{ Remaining Inspo comes from my favorite, Anthropologie Home }

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