Transitioning into the natural beauty world can be overwhelming to say the least. Finding the right products, steering clear of the natural wannabes, and, if you're like me and take your beauty products a bit too seriously, trying to find high quality, luxe products... it can be rough. Enter Claire Molyneaux, my good friend, amazing lady entrepreneur, and the solution to our natural beauty problems.

Claire is the founder of Art of Organics, a natural beauty box subscription program. I asked her about her thoughts on the importance of natural beauty and skincare, how to make the transition from main stream products, and to share her most beloved products.


What inspired you to start Art of Organics?

I actually owned the domain for 4 years before I ever did anything with it. I knew I wanted to start my own company around the idea of educating people on the realities of the beauty industry and introducing them to amazing clean beauty brands, but I hadn't quite put all the pieces together yet. I have a degree in fashion merchandising and worked as a buyer for Anthropologie and merchandiser for a small southern California women's ready to wear brand. I loved being a buyer so starting Art of Organics and the monthly Clean Beauty Box was, for me, creating the dream job.

It doesn't hurt that I've had incredibly inspirational role models. My mom is a creative visionary and my dad was an entrepreneur and ran his own company. I remembe