After getting home from Italy, we were zombies for 4 days, got back on a plane to the east coast for a ((very fun)) wedding, came home, got sick, and now are finally living like real live humans again. Hence me writing about it almost a month later! My green smoothies have restored me. So...

We decided to plan a final hurrah before Peter graduates from his MBA program and heads straight into a two-month training in NYC. (( We'll be back in Seattle for good afterwards! )) Naturally, we decided to live it up in Italy.


We flew into Rome, and somehow wandered practically unconscious with jet lag to our first plate of pasta at Roma Sparita in the Trastevere hood. Amazingggg Cacio e Pepe, though experienced in delirium.

The next day we grabbed a cornetto (( Italian Croissant )) and cappuccino and relaxed for a bit, before heading to the second restaurant on my list: Pizzarium. This place is UNREAL. And recommended by all Italian foodies. The owner is considered the pizza guru of Rome, and uses a 200 year-old sourdough starter for his crust. It is insane. Go.


After our religious pizza experience, we headed to our private tour of the Vatican. If you visit Rome, pay the money and do a private tour (( we loved this company )). It is worth every penny. Trust me.