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I discovered Pratima a long time ago, when I was gifted their heavenly 'Love Oil' by a friend. It was the perfect starter item for the line, showcasing their holistic, high quality ingredients, and gorgeous packaging to help make your bathroom feel like an extension of their beautiful spa.

The line (( and spa )) was developed by Dr. Pratima Raichur, an incredible woman passionate about creating holistic wellness and pure, organic beauty products.

I recently decided to splurge on the full 'Pitta' line, and am of course completely crazy about it. It smells amazing, it feels great on my skin, and I feel safe using it, as Pratima only uses edible ingredients.

Because of how much product passes through our skin and into our blood stream, it is important to only put things on the skin that would also be safe to eat. Not many products today allow that... but Pratima does (( not that you should eat them! ))

The powdered cleanser has been a bit of an adjustment, but the rest of the line more than makes up for it.

The Pitta essential oil is pure bliss, and I use the Liposomes to accompany it to allow deeper penetration of the oils into the skin.

The Botanical Moisture Cream might be my favorite, and the Sandalwood Rose Mask works magic on my skin tone.

I also really love their sun screen.

You can take their Skin Quiz here, and pay a small fee to receive samples for your skin type.

{ LOVE OIL : : BUY IT! }



Photos courtesy of Pratima Skincare

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