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Happy February! January flew by, and it has me reflecting on the current state of New Year's resolutions and intentions. I had th

is pop up on my newsfeed today:

"I decided my 2016 starts again on February 1st... this was a trial month."

I thought it was pretty cute, and it triggered a trail of thoughts for me. Of course, we must end the continuous cycle of starting a new habit, falling off the horse, feeling bad, getting back on, falling off, silently yelling expletives at ourselves, getting back on, etc. However, the quote inspired something different in me.

In health and in life, I think it is important to constantly be making micro-adjustments. For example, your 2016 resolution/intention. What went well this past month? What didn't? How can you make a tiny modification to improve the desired result, without derailing or setting lofty, unrealistic goals. I use this philosophy with my clients a lot. We make small changes towards the desired goal, and then continue to re-evaluate with each step. No restriction, punishment, or overwhelm required.

By working in this way, we make change more realistic and more pleasurable! Because let's face it, if it isn't fun, we aren't going to go through with it. When the steps we take are gentle and allow us to stay in a place of being loving with ourselves (self-punishment never works), that is where we find success.

What micro-adjustments can you make towards your 2016 goals? Even if January didn't go as planned, in what small ways can you return to your intention and bring awareness back to it?

Have a beautiful month!


* Needing some support with your resolution and wellness goals? Book a free call with me to discuss what is standing in your way and how you to bust through it!


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