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Dreaming BIG + Living in Aspen Part-Time

I have been thinking a lot about dreaming recently.

2015 was hard. It broke

me down, swept the earth away from my feet, and asked,"What do you desire? What will you build?" Since then, I have been dreaming. What do I want to build? What do I want this life to look like? How do I want to feel? Peter and I went up to the mountains last weekend for some skiing and time away from the city. Being out in the crisp mountain air and feeling my skis float on top of the fresh snow always centers me and brings me back to what is important. The mountains are important to me. Specifically the Rockies! I dream of splitting my time between Seattle and Aspen. When I first realized that, it made me giddy with joy. I couldn't stop thinking about it. I've noticed that whenever I'm onto something good, something I'm meant for and that aligns me with my highest good, I feel those jitters. That childlike joy. When I feel them, I follow them diligently. We are taught not to dream. That what we have is good enough and that we should just be grateful. While I think we should choose to be happy exactly where we are now, without thinking "once I have that job/car/spouse/salary THEN I'll be happy", I also believe we need to dream. What fills your heart with joy when you think of it? If your life could look any way you wanted, what would that be? And how, even in the tiniest of ways, can you work towards that now? I am traveling to Aspen as much as I can, staying connected with my amazing community there, and living as if my dream is reality. I am deeply grateful for all I have, and also am incredibly inspired to live big and go after the things that bring me joy.



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