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Down Days

Sometimes… I feel sad. Sometimes it’s more frequent, and sometimes it only happens

once in a blue moon. It's happening today and probably has a lot to do with the gray, rainy weather outside my window, and probably a bit of holiday stress too!

I used to think that these days were a sign of weakness. Of imperfection. That I didn’t have my shit together. And then I would feel ashamed.

I now see those blue days as a calling to pause and check in. To be so incredibly gentle and loving with myself, and to trust that the feelings of sadness are for a very important reason. To notice any parts of me that are feeling unfulfilled, and if there are none, to just be with the sadness. To invite it to tea. Explore it, love it, be with it.

By doing so, I feel it loosen, relax, release. Sometimes quickly, and sometimes slowly, but it always dissipates. At times I find the reason for the sadness, and sometimes it is just there. That used to frustrate me, to not be able to understand it, but as with anything it is a lesson in letting be. Can you sit with the discomfort, feel it, learn from it? Once it has communicated its lesson, once it is heard, it will go.

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