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My Favorite Exercise

For years I punished myself with exercise, a way of telling my body and myself that I wasn't good enough. Not only is that kind of exercise not beneficial for weight loss (triggering a stress response causes weight GAIN), but it was also incredibly harmful emotionally. When I finally stopped the self-abuse and switched to more pleasurable movement, my body began to relax and the layers I had tried to desperately to force off instead fell away naturally.

When a friend of mine told me about Shrink Session by Erin Stutland, I was a bit hesitant. Shouting a bunch of affirmations by myself in my living room sounded pretty cheesy, and honestly, I dismissed it and moved on.

A few months later, I came across Erin again in another setting. I realized what a powerhouse this woman is and decided to give her program a shot. From the very first video, I was a convert. Combining sweaty movement with positive affirmations created a huge shift for me, and I really began to feel differently throughout my days. Here's the thing, when you address only the physical aspects of wellness, it will NEVER work or create lasting change. It's like spraying perfume on a pig– you aren't uncovering the root of the issue and it won't go away until you do. It's incredible how much negative self-talk we fill our minds with and how that affects us day after day. What Shrink Session does is infuse your mind with positivity to crowd out the negativity. After every workout, I feel like I'm ready to take on the world and am really in touch with the power I possess to create a life I'm crazy about. Erin is running a free week-long challenge starting on Monday, November 30th, and I highly recommend you join in! The worst that could happen is you get a sweaty workout in and decide it isn't really for you. The best is that you reconnect to your Beyonce-level-fierce-ness and discover a way to move your body that feels empowering and uplifting instead of miserable and punishing.

Sign up and let me know how it goes!



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