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Relapsing Vegan

When I wrote my post on bone broth, I had a feeling I was going to start eating meat soon. I had been trying to figure out how to heal my body without eating land animals, and I knew I was striking out.

So… I tried it. I ate meat. If you have watched this episode of Portlandia, that is EXACTLY what I did to the poor guy at the Whole Foods meat counter.

“Can I please having your most organic, smallest farm, local, happiest chicken?” True story.

When I took my first bite that evening, I wasn't expecting to start levitating, for rainbows to start shooting out of my head, and to feel completely healed, but I thought my body would give me a small signal of “mmm… yes. Thank you. We needed that. Keep it coming.” So, I waited. I became quiet, observing my body’s response. Nothing. Within 20 minutes, I felt heavy, exhausted, and had a stomach ache.

I tried a couple more times after that, each time with the same response. To drive the experience home, I came upon a video that brought me to tears. Well… sobbing would be more accurate. It was about continuing to eat meat when you are aware of the treatment of animals in this country and also while having the resources to follow a plant-based diet. It was then that I heard my heart as well as my body speak. “No animals, thanks.” Of course I had been curious about small amounts of high quality animal protein for healing, not just missing cheeseburgers, but this still spoke to me. Had I really tried all options that didn’t involve eating meat? The truth was I hadn’t.

So, I’ve re-honed in on my path and have a new game plan. Since recommitting to a plant-based life, I already feel lighter, healthier, and happier. In my previous post about this journey, I wrote that disregarding my body's needs because of those of my heart is not fair, but I have learned that dismissing my heart on account of my body doesn't create health either.

I am not suggesting that everyone should stop eating meat. Animal products can be vital to many individuals’ health. I just don't believe I’m one of them.

With each new experience, each new piece of information, it always leads back to the same. Drop the nutrition labels, relax, and eat what feels good. What makes your heart happy, and leaves you with boundless energy to live a life that excites you. Period.




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