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Switching Gears


This happens to be an incredibly special post you are reading. It is my very first writing in my transition from pretending to be a MD/PhD researcher and stepping into being a real live human. “What?! (No but seriously what are you taking about, Leslie?)”

For a long time I have hidden behind logic, behind the left side of my brain, to protect myself. Science is safe, no vulnerability, respected, known. So I have lived there, in this safe zone. I have discovered, though, that this zone also happens to be super boring, and, more importantly, it is a disservice to myself and to the community.

I so admire the women who open themselves up online, to a certain extent of course… Do I care deeply about your selfie at the grocery store? Probably not. But being brutally honest about an experience occurring in your life and how you are moving through it? Absolutely. It takes amazing courage and strength to open ourselves up to strangers and it is such a powerful and awe-inspiring thing. Also, a very scary one.

However, my fear of stifling my own voice and not living in my truth is much stronger than my fear of vulnerability. I’m done hiding, deriving self-worth from knowledge of facts and research. Seriously, fuck the facts.

I want to live moment to moment in pursuit of what makes my heart sing. What stirs my soul, and gives me chills. I want passion, playfulness, and emotion.

Facts have their place. Logic is important. But it is time for the right-brain to take its power back. To be lead by the heart. To seek feeling, love, and truth.

Stay tuned! Many more ramblings (some relevant) to come.



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