The Importance of Natural Beauty Products


The movement away from preservative-laden ‘food-like substances’ and towards real, whole foods is alive and strong, and so many Americans are changing their lives and their health with the transition. While diet is a crucial first step towards bettering health, another concern that is not as frequently discussed is our use of cosmetics.

Question: What is more dangerous: consuming a toxin or being exposed via the skin?

Answer: Skin!

When we eat a toxin, our body goes into overtime to filter it out as quickly as possible. When a toxin is absorbed into the skin, there is a high risk of that toxin penetrating the layers of the skin and entering the blood stream, where it can do plenty of damage before being filtered out.

  • 35% of commonly used products contain carcinogenic chemicals

  • 45% of products contain ingredients that cause reproductive/developmental toxicity.

  • 60% of products on the market have estrogenic chemicals— synthetic chemicals that mimic estrogen.

We know what carcinogenic means, but what