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Maximizing fertility for a healthier baby + a joyful pregnancy

a 90 day group program to prepare physically and mentally for pregnancy

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Are you hoping to become pregnant in the next year or two but are concerned that maybe your health isn’t quite where it should be for pregnancy?

Are you worried about your fertility, and afraid that it will take a long time to conceive?

You are in the right place, because there is SO much that can be done to enhance your fertility, increase the health of your future child, and set yourself up for a healthy pregnancy filled with joy and ease.

If you are wanting to…

  • Conceive a healthy, happy baby

  • Experience a healthy, joyful pregnancy

  • Find peace with food so pregnancy cravings don’t get the best of you ;)

  • Find your ideal weight now and gain a healthy amount of weight in pregnancy

  • Get your health in check now so that you can be a healthy preggo, and a healthy mama

This is the program for you.

I’m Leslie, and I help women restore their fertility by nourishing body and mind in preparation for pregnancy. As a holistic nutritionist and yoga therapist, I knew I wanted to take time to prepare my body for my own pregnancy and was lucky to have the knowledge to do that for myself. As a result of my own preggo-prep I conceived quickly, had the easiest, most amazing pregnancy, and, even at the end, I felt like I could have been pregnant for at least another month! I felt incredible.

Most women I know not only do not have that experience, but they also have no idea that how they prepare for pregnancy can increase the health of their eggs, increase their own fertility, and lay a foundation for an effortless pregnancy instead of feeling like a beached whale.

I created  F R U I T F U L  because I saw an enormous gaping hole in the women’s health field as it relates to pre-conception and pregnancy. The overall fertility rate of women in the US dropped 44% between 1960 and 2002. Female reproductive disorders are on the rise, including irregular menstrual cycles, endometriosis, and PCOS. Diet, lifestyle, stress, and and environmental toxins are all greatly contributing to this huge increase in reproductive issues, and they are avoidable. Yes, we can do so much to heal our reproductive systems and create a healthier, more sound vessel to carry that babe.

F R U I T F U L  is a 90 day group program to prepare physically and mentally for pregnancy, and to create the most nourished, coziest environment to grow a healthy, happy baby. In Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine, it is said that in the 3 months prior to conception, there is an open window for a woman to increase the health and vitality of her eggs.

You’ll do that by learning...


  • The importance of mindset, not only for conception but for your baby’s wellbeing

  • How to heal any lingering issues around food and make peace with it for good

  • How damaging stress and anxiety are for fertility and in pregnancy, and how to keep them both check

  • How to create a (mostly) toxin-free environment without passing out with overwhelm in the process

  • A new approach towards your period and regulating your cycle

  • How to take the very best care of yourself to increase your fertility without it feeling like a full time job

  • How the kind of sex you’re having affects your fertility and how to spice it UP!

  • What your partner can do to increase his fertility so that this is a team effort and results in the healthiest baby possible

  • How to detox the body and then infuse it with nutrient-dense, baby-making foods

  • How to get exercise in without feeling like you’re going to die and hating every second of it

Take a peek at what's inside...









Mindset + Lifestyle

In this module, we set the stage for the rest of the course and create the best mindset for conception. You’ll get zoned in and ready to make big changes for your health, starting with shutting up that negative mind-chatter.


Mindful Eating + Digestion

In Module 2 you’ll uncover the importance of mindful eating for both you and your future babe, and how to make peace with your plate once and for all. This topic is included because if there is any lingering stress around food, it will only be amplified in pregnancy and we of course do not want that.


Stress + JOY

Today we keep hearing stress this and stress that, but it truly is creating so much damage to our physical and mental health, and for it to do that requires way less of it than you’d think. This is one of the most important elements to creating a fertility. You will learn the best tools for de-stressing that don’t require a week at the spa… though that works too ;)



In Module 4, we’re diving into the less attractive but very important world of fertility-inhibiting environmental toxins. You’ll learn what to avoid and we’ll fill your home and beauty cabinet with healthy and baby-safe products.



Time for a cleanse! As a group we are going to embark on a 3 week cleanse to rid the body of toxins, possible food allergens, and get the gunk out. I promise it will taste delicious and will be 100% enjoyable.



After cleansing, it is time to rebuild the system and infuse your bod with fertility-enhancing nutrients. You’ll learn about the importance of eating for your body type and optimal nutrition for egg-quality.


Self-Care + Your Period

In this module you’ll learn what your period means for fertility and how to fix it, and how to approach your period in a whole new way that you actually look forward to (!). We’ll talk about the importance of self-care and how to incorporate it in a way that is realistic and enhances fertility.


SEX + the Partner

It takes two to tango, and it takes two to make a healthy baby. We’ll discuss how to increase your partner’s fertility, make healthy swimmers, and the kind of sex you two need to be having to increase chances of baby-making.


Moving forward + Getting Knocked up

In Module 9 we’ll talk knowing your cycle, reading fertility, and how to approach the ‘trying’ phase.


Stop trying to go at this alone. Let me help! 



“Leslie opened my eyes to wellness in a whole new way. She helped empower me on a path to healing that I didn't believe was possible, encouraging me through each step. I am forever in debt to her for helping me heal my gut and feel the best I have in my entire life!” -- Carly

“Leslie's true passion and dedication to nutrition, yoga, and her clients' overall well-being is unmatched.  Her beauty and balance, both on the inside and out, shine through in all she does. She is a constant source of knowledge, understanding, and support for me, and I am so fortunate to have found her!” -- Laura


“Leslie is so lovely to work with. I cannot recommend her enough. Leslie takes into account the realities in your life and helps craft a plan that is both healthy AND realistic. Having struggled with repeated bouts of illness, I feel particularly grateful to Leslie for her guidance through some challenging times.” -- Emily

“I’ve had the gift of working with Leslie many times over the years and have always found her guidance to be supportive, informative and always uplifting. Two of her greatest strengths are her thirst for knowledge and her authentic hunger for helping people reach the dreams that are alive within their hearts.” -- Lex


Signs that your health is not in flow and therefore fertility is not in balance…


  • You wake up tired or groggy instead of rested and energized

  • You have digestive woes, such as bloating, constipation, gas, or diarrhea

  • You have bad PMS, including cramps, bloating, acne, and mood swings

  • You get headaches regularly

  • You often feel anxious and/or depressed

  • You are having difficulty conceiving

What life will look like after becoming  F R U I T F U L …

  • You’ll wake up feeling rested and energized

  • Your digestion will run seamlessly, leaving you feeling comfortable in those skinny jeans

  • You’ll look forward to your period and will no longer find yourself a bloated, painful mess!

  • You will be pain-free

  • You will feel calm, centered, and steady. Any small anxiety that pops up will get nipped in the bud by your killer self-care practices and stress management tools

  • You will get knocked up with a super cute, healthy baby and have a glowing pregnancy

This is NOT for you if…

  • You aren’t willing to make dietary and lifestyle changes to optimize your fertility

  • You aren’t willing to get out of the negative mindset you’re trapped in and are convinced you’ll never get pregnant

  • You have severe reproductive issues. This program will certainly help you, but it is not a cure-all. The guidance of your doctor is crucial and expected.  (is there a better place to put this so that it doesn’t entirely rule them out? Since the program will still benefit them…)


How do I know this is right for me?

If you want to get in tip-top baby-making shape, this program is for you.


But I’m not ready to get pregnant yet...

That is great! Ideal, really. The more time you give yourself for this work the better!


But I’ve already been trying for a while...

Also wonderful! What I’ll teach you in this program is incredibly valuable at whatever step of the conception journey you’re at. If the trying process has gotten stressful, it can be very helpful to take a step back and give your physical and mental health the attention they deserve, especially as they relate to making a baby. This program will be an opportunity to take a breath, ensure that you are doing everything you can to ensure maximum fertility, and move forward with confidence and peace.


So... how does this work?

Each week you’ll receive access to the current module’s video lessons and at times correlating homework PDFs. You’ll review the lessons on your own, and then we’ll get together on a LIVE call once a week to check in and have a Q+A. You’ll also have access to a private Facebook community to connect with and support each other.  


How much time will I need to devote to this?

About 3-5 hours per week, depending on how much you give to the program.


Are you promising to get me pregnant?

I WISH! Sadly no. I will do as much as humanly possible on the nutrition and lifestyle end to get you to your most fertile. The rest I’ll have to leave up to you and your (hopefully amazing) doc! It is so important to have a top-notch reproductive team, of which I’d love to be a part!


A Note from Leslie

Hey beauty. I am so excited and grateful to be offering this program and, if you’re ready, I really hope you’ll join us! I truly believe this is the missing link in the journey to motherhood, one that will change your health and life forever. Motherhood is no easy feat, and coming into pregnancy and this wild ride of being a mama feeling my strongest has been the biggest blessing. It would be my greatest honor to give you the same gift! Hope to see you soon. Xx

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