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Overeating SOS

eCourse Overview

  • 6 Mini-Lectures (30 minutes total)

  • Journal PDF for Homework

  • 3 Month Access to Member's Page, full of helpful information including seasonal grocery lists, overeating meditations and self-help, and movement resources 

Cost: $35

Overeating sucks. 


And nearly everyone does it. We know we should stop, and yet we push through the ‘stop!’ signals the brain is sending us and scrape and finagle every last drop of that pint of Chunky Monkey.


Two things you may not know… 


  1. Overeating leads to a lot of pretty serious health issues, not just to a stomach ache and packing on the pounds.

  2. There is almost always a reason for the overeating. Either your body or your heart is letting out a cry for help— letting you know that a need isn’t being met. The overeating is actually a protection mechanism, we just need to know how to listen to it. And then stop it! 


I put together by best tips for overcoming overeating. You’ll learn why we overeat and how to avoid it to lose weight, increase your energy, and create long-term healthy habits to live your best life.

xx L

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