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Tools for Diet-Free, Stress-Free Weight Loss






What they're saying...

I went to Leslie at a difficult time in my life when I was facing terminal illness of both my sister and father. Every time I left a session with her I felt in deep meditative state. Through meditation she taught me techniques to use in my life to deal with difficulties no matter how minor or major. She creates a safe environment and is a great life coach.

Leslie is an incredibly passionate teacher and coach. Her ability to connect, energize and heal are a few of her many strengths and gifts. She has truly helped be transform the way I feel through changing the way I think, eat and exercise. I highly recommend Leslie for yoga therapy and counseling. I am so grateful for all that she has done for me!

 Leslie cares immensely about you feeling good in your body and having a peaceful, nourishing relationship with food. I love that she isn't dogmatic but is really open to whatever it takes to live vibrantly. I'd recommend her to anyone who's struggling to love their body and shed both physical and emotional weight. 

 Leslie opened my eyes to wellness in a whole new way. She helped empower me on a path to healing that I didn't believe was possible, encouraging me through each step. I am forever in debt to her for helping me heal my gut and feel the best I have in my entire life!

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